Monday, April 28, 2008

Sleeping in cars..

It's not that uncommon in Tokyo to come across someone sleeping in their car, with their engine and aircon running to maintain a comfortable sleeping environment. By the same token, it's not that common for a total stranger to become so opportunistic as to enter into 'said sleeping stranger's' car for a humorous photo opportunity.

That's what happened here..




Gregory said...

Holly what! The guy left his doors unlocked! I don't even drive around without my doors locked. I do occasionally cat nap in my car (with the engine and car off though, can't waste the gas) when I'm driving home from work in the morning and feeling a bit sleepy.

Zachary Harden said...

Even in some cars now, if you go over 15 mph or something similar, the doors autolock. But, I do admit, I giggled when I saw the photos.