Friday, January 9, 2009

Debito and Tkyo Sam

Arudou Debito, formerly David Christopher Aldwinckle, was born in 1965 in the United States, and has been a permanent resident of Japan from 1996, and a naturalized Japanese citizen from 2000. In becoming a naturalized citizen he renounced his U.S. citizenship, as required by Japanese law. He is a father of two, is employed as a tenured associate professor at a university in Hokkaido, and has authored books in both Japanese and English. He is perhaps most famous for his website in which he blogs information pertaining to foreigner's rights in Japan. The website contains a wealth of information that is useful for both short and long term residents, as well as other resources that may be considered interesting or entertaining. He is considered by some as an activist, but by others as a troublemaker, as his methods often involve exposing allegedly racist elements of Japanese society as demonstrated in his Rougues Gallery of "Japanese Only" establishments. Tkyo Sam interviewed Debito during his recent visit to Tokyo, and while the interview does ramble a bit, it is an interesting insight into the controversial figure that is Debito..

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