Tuesday, October 16, 2007

亀田 大毅 Kameda Daiki

Daiki Kameda is a Japanese professional boxer in the flyweight division. On October 11 2007, Kameda lost to Daisuke Naito, the reigning WBC flyweight champion. Despite making comments before the match that he will commit seppuku if he lost, his manager has confirmed that he will not. Towards the end of the bout, much to everyones surprise, he suddenly picked up opponent. This unusual act earnt him a suspension by the Japan Boxing Commission for one year and has fuelled a media frenzy which has seen virtually every major Japanese network constantly both replaying the act, and discussing it at length. Kameda has made it his custom to sing a song for the audience after each of his victories, needless to say, he didn't sing after this one..

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This photo is by my buddy Andrew McGovern, who was shooting the fight. Check out more of his work here.

This is officially the most time consuming post I have ever made.. >_<

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