Thursday, July 3, 2008

Increased police presence

Just about everywhere in Tokyo at the moment is a noticeably increased police presence. It had us wondering why for a couple of days and then we.. read the news! With the G8 summit being held in Hokkaido next Monday to Wednesday, the local constabulary have obviously stepped up their patrols in the hope of preventing further violent demonstrations, and also staving off any other kind of incidents that may prove embarrasingly newsworthy. Generally the cops are stationed at various points of major railway stations, but in Shibuya now they are constantly walking around the city in groups with truncheons in hand, not to mention the choppers buzzing away in the sky and police roadblocks setting up at various main points of entry into highly populated areas.

And as I'm not in the country right now I'm unable to provide a picture of anything truly relative to this post, here's a pic of some police bicycles, cool huh!


1 comment:

Chris said...

I'd love to swipe a couple of those and keep them around for "conversation starters"

Me: See those 2 bikes?

New friend: Yeah.

Me: Stole from some cops while I was shit faced.

New Friend: Sweet!! Can I have one?

Me: Sure!!!