Monday, October 6, 2008

Japan Mirai..

Went to a dinner/get together with a heap of noteable Japan Bloggers and IT types last week on the invitation of Danny Choo. Caught up with Neil Duckett and Ken Lee on the way, but once there I kinda got lost in the crowd. The evening was pretty interesting in that I got to put some faces to names, and learn a bit more about what the blogging community here is all about. Of course I felt quite out of my league, as my little blog does nowhere near the numbers of most of the other attendees, but the beer flowed as freely as the presentations and a good night was had by all..

Danny delivering his welcome address.

Lee from the Tokyo Times talking about his blog, his photos are amazing..

One of Tokyo's most famous Vloggers, TokyoCooney talks about his many enterprises..

TokyoCooney, TkyoSam,
Danny and Some random Vlogger..

The table carnage towards the end of the night..


Lee said...

Thanks for the kind comment Glenn. Coming from you with a site packed full of great pictures, it means a lot.

unit-1978 said...

wow that looked like a fantastic little event. Very awesome sounds like a good idea on even a larger scale for bloggers and such.Your blog is awesome by the way.

Claytonian said...

Yay for Clay! Am I right? Or am I right?