Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Squadcar "Misses" cover photo..

A while back I was desperately scrambling through my hard drives trying to find the original photo that we used as the basis for Squadcar's Misses album cover, and last night (by chance) I finally did! As I mentioned in a previous Misses post, this shoot involved my hairdresser Chiho as our model, and five of my friends throwing ideas around and shooting her in all sorts of poses around my apartment. We eventually went through them all and chose this shot of her laying on the bed, and then let our label guy Deguchi-san (Garage) do his thing..


PA said...

Here I was searching for blogs on Japan, clicking on a few links here and there and I find this here lovely site full of great pictures. Some of it looked kinda familiar - some of the places. Then I looked a little closer and realised it was none other than Mr. Glenn! What are the chances of that?
Absolutely great blog, dude, full of the thrills and beauty of Tokyo! Some awesome photos too - especially the one from the billboard...
Anywhere, glad to see things are going well there!


Mallocup said...

ya just never know what you'll find on these here internets huh! great to hear from you pa, will hit you up with a mail.