Thursday, September 25, 2008

Inside the game centre..

There are some places that don't really take kindly to people taking pictures, and unfortunately these are often places of the more interesting variety. Games centres definitely fall into this category, for reasons which I haven't been able to work out. I managed to do a covert shoot in the big Sega game centre on Dogenzaka the other night, and was able to document some of the action that was going down. I stayed away from the (well monitored) print club booths, and tried to get some good pictures of the more elaborate virtual-reality games. As an interesting postscript, while this centre is open until midnight, children under 16 are not allowed in after 6pm..


Panther said...

Actually it is because game centers are just worried you will disturb the patrons by taking photos with flash and stuff. There might be other business-related reasons though, but nothing too big.

Anonymous said...

Ive taken quite a few sneaky shots inside arcades, but with the flash off, cos a flash in those places is like a big distress flare! How the hell did you manage to get away with flash photography in there?!

Good job anyway - damn, i really miss japanese arcades. UK ones are shit.

Calan said...

This place looks really, really cool. Most arcades here are nowhere near as clean, current-looking, etc (I'm sure there are similar there too, but nothing like these pictures exists here).