Monday, September 1, 2008

Super Yosakoi Festival

Yes.. more festival pics, but hey, Summer aint done yet! The Super Yosakoi Festival was held a couple of weeks ago at Yoyogi. An amazingly vibrant and energetic festival that was originally started in Kochi Prefecture after the war as an attempt to revitalize the region’s economy. It seemed to comprise of local area clans and families, both young and old, coming together to revel in the culmination of what must have been months of dedication and preparation. The Daikon group were particularly compelling as their often over the top energy levels saw daikon flying through the air, only to be picked up by the the radish patrol bringing up the rear..

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elmimmo said...

The "Daikon" group is "100 smiles" (百笑), the folks from Tokyo University of Agriculture (東京農業大学 or Nōdai), which do have the funny tradition of temporarily swapping the sort of mandatory naruko (clappers) for a couple of radish.

You can see more of them at "100 Smiles" Yosakoi group's web page.