Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Park life: Crow bloke..

Yet another addition to the group of Tokyoites that enjoy taking care of our animal friends in public places, but this time, one with a difference. Tucked into one of the more uninhabited corners of Yoyogi park last weekend, I found this guy feeding the crows. Crows are infamous in Tokyo, most notably during the early morning hours where they can be found tearing apart garbage bags in search of a meal, especially in more populated areas like Shibuya. Crow bloke obviously doesn't share the same kind of disdain that the rest of Tokyo feels towards these beligerant creatures, as he goes about his business, quietly feeding them in the relative anonymity of the fading light..

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PA said...

That 3rd pic is really weird. I guess I haven't seen that many crows in such a small space before.