Monday, March 16, 2009

St Patrick's Day Parade '09..

The parade is always a bunch of fun, and this year was certainly no exception. I really only managed to catch the tail end of it because there was so much happening in the park, but by the time I arrived the merriment was in full swing. The annual 'party on the street' usually lasts a bit over an hour, and then moves on to the various English themed pubs around the place. It's always been a little surreal to me, seeing so many Japanese people dressed in green and getting involved in a celebration of the famous St. Pat, but just goes to show that this town certainly knows how to put on a good party..


Katie Muffett said...

I get your posts sent through Japan_Blogs all the time, and they're always fun/interesting. I'm joining the global throng of Japan addicts, so this is a great source.


(Man, I love their cute teeth.)

Mr. Z said...

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