Friday, May 16, 2008

Cosplay Hotels

Cosplay is well documented as being a Japanese institution, it permeates into the decor of society so naturally that you eventually start to not even notice it. At the more famous end of the scale of course is the manga or gothic orientated style, which is usually well represented in places like Harajuku or Akihabara, but it goes further than that. Certain love hotels offer cosplay rental as a way to spice up the experience, of course the schoolgirl uniform is used as the advertising default, closely followed by the nurse, race queen and maid outfits, and I'm pretty sure it gets a lot spicier than that..


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neko said...

Nice blog... found it via ^^

Oh should try to get my gf into such a Love Hotel :) haha

btw, like your Love Hotel post-series, very interesting and nice photos.
Have fun and take a look at my blog if you have time.