Monday, August 11, 2008

Centregai bloke revisited..

Shibuya is certainly host to many interesting characters, and the longer I am here, the more I see this guy. Standing in centergai with his little bag of pictures, he is somewhat reminiscent of a "catch" guy, but packaged differently and always targeting high school girls. While I think the guy that said he is probably scouting girls for pictures is probably right, I still can't work him out..

Text addendum: turns out that the dude is somewhat of a social worker. His name is Jimmy, and he's even just started his own clothing line.. Thanks to Don for the info!





Don said...

He calls himself Jimmy and has been the subject of several television documentaries. Not a scout, more of a market researcher/social worker.

Mallocup said...

well there ya go.. thanks for that don!