Monday, August 18, 2008


Parking in Shibuya is generally a nightmare, especially if you aren't lucky enough to have a designated space. Parking spaces can range in cost, anything from 2000 to (up to) 60,000 yen per month, and if you don't have a space the dreaded parking inspectors will most likely find you soon enough. Unfortunately some buildings have absolutely NO spaces, and so tenants (or employees) are forced to find something on the street. This creative Shibuya bike owner solved his parking problem with a set of carpentry tools and a positive attitude towards problem solving!


TheGeek said...

Now he just need to build a couple of doors for it so no one will still his spot.

Neil Duckett said...

Where do you find these? Shibuya i know, but seriously i keep my eye out for finds like this but just never see them!