Monday, May 25, 2009

The Mississippi Cookout..

As the flyer said: Grilled meats and beats by the river. I'd actually never made it out to a party on the Tamagawa, the lure and convenience of Yoyogi always having had won over any temptation to head out there, but this time I was very glad I did. A small but dedicated group of party goers were well into their day by the time I arrived, and despite a couple of visits by the boys in (dark) blue, the party went on until mid-evening. Will definitely be hitting the next one..


RRabano said...

Looks like everybody having a blast. Toast party on. Don't forget to dance to da STANKY LEG & send pics.

RRabano said...

Did party the nigh away but went to Car show check it out:

Party on.