Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tokyo Graffiti.. 01

Shibuya seems to be covered in graffiti these days, a lot of it is just basic tags done with a black paint pen, but some of it gets quite creative. As for this little tag/sticker combo, to quote one of my favorite sayings: "what does that even mean?"..


Sui Generis - Me said...

its a play on words!
in english the saying is "Hi honey, I'm home!" but the sticker says "home honey, i'm high!" the last part of the sticker just gives the joke away with "i'm high!"
only someone who is actually HIGH on drugs would make this statement!

Chris said...

Hey Come get trashed at our show, we'd love to see you there.....

Souled Out Studios will be visiting Tokyo from the UK to put on a show of Graffiti, Street Art and booze on the 15th of August from 6pm, come by and take a peek.

Gallery Kirishi, 1F, 1-21-12 Ebisu Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo.

More info on

Stay fresh


Saburo said...

Hey Mallocup,

Do you know where there are any legal graffiti walls in Tokyo? Would be great to know, have some artists coming to Tokyo in the fall.