Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Guardian Angels

Fallen over in a drunken mess somewhere in Shibuya and can't get up? Hundreds (if not thousands) of random strangers ignoring your obvious incapacity to move? Never fear, the Guardian Angels will be along directly to assist and protect you, though mainly from yourself.

The Guardian Angels Safety Patrol are modeled on their LA namesakes, but have an inarguably easier task. While I have seen them attend to the kind of over-exuberant karaoke and izakaya casualties that become inevitable on the streets of Shibuya come Friday and Saturday night, they do seem to be much more of a visual than actionary entity. Having said that, Shibuya's streets have cleaned up a LOT over the last few years..



Anonymous said...

rent a cops. love these guys... is it image or do they really care? Good shot.

TheGeek said...

The Guardian Angels is an all volunteer organization that started in New York in the late 70s to help combat crime in the New York subway system.

Anonymous said...

Be careful of the ones in Shibuya, they are "advised" by the local Yakuza and won't hesitate to call them if they need more persuasive power.