Monday, June 23, 2008

Somewhere somebody's daughter.. 08

Tucked into the sanctuary of Shoto's Nabeshima koen, one may find any number of creative entities filming for tv or movies, or even shooting for magazines. On this fine day it was a group of fine lovelies getting what looked to be the 撮影会 (Satsuei Kai) treatment from a dozen or so eager photographic enthusiasts. Danny Choo has experienced the seemingly surreal world of "Group Idol Photography", and explains the dealio quite well here. Berry Waffle is a company that organizes such events, and for a mere 10,000 yen one can enjoy a full 60 seconds of free clickery..




The Big Tuna said...

Is it somebody's daughter? or sombodies daughter? Referring to random bodies have created a female offspring?

shoto504 said...

somebody |ˈsəmˌbädē|
1 some person; someone.
2 a person of importance or authority : I'd like to be somebody | [as n. ] nobodies who want to become somebodies.