Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back to business..

Driving beats returned to the park today, perhaps the gods were smiling.. The same crew that so often put on the Sunday afternoon raves across the road during the summer were having it large on the main stage of the Yoyogi park events area. Apparently it started at 10, but the way most of the punters were grooving I suspect that for many of them it was 10 pm, and the night before. It was a real party too, a people falling down and loving it party, complete with cheeky stage dancers, bubble machines, and huge queues for the toilets.

In short, it rocked..


k said...

Haven't been to Yoyogi for ages!

MRC said...

Does this mean the bands are back too??? Can u pls give an update on that cause that news was really sad. I'm gonna start a online petition so the Tokyo parks dept. can understand the scope of banning bands at Yoyogi.

Mallocup said...

Unfortunately not. Koen Dori and the footpaths that line the park remain as bare as the trees that line them, this party was in the events area.

Good idea with the petition, there seems to be quite a bit of unrest about this move..

MRC said...

wow, that's really disheartening news. I don't speak Japanese, would you mind calling the Tokyo Met. Park Association 03-3232-3011 and getting a official reason for the banning of bands. And if it's a permanent thing, not just for the winter, I'll take it from there. Thx

ReallyJapan said...

Cool shots man!

Anonymous said...

If you are serious about contacting people about the Yoyogi Park ban on bands, you should also contact the Japanese tourism organization. They are paying millions of dollars to promote Japan as a world class tourism destination while whoever started the ban is trying to stop tourists from enjoying Tokyo.

The new Japan tourism agency website can be found by searching "japan tourism agency" on Google. You can tell them (the truth) that every tour book promotes Harajuku for the fun Sundays, but the police are trying to kill it.

It's amazing that no Japanese people are fighting this - especially because they are fighting Nike for Miyashita park in Shibuya. Maybe someone should contact the Miyashita protesters to get them involved in Yoyogi too.