Friday, February 6, 2009

Come out and (cos)play!

The cold Tokyo winter afternoons are no deterrent for these guys, then again the humid summer ones aren't either. One thing I can never understand though, is the way some of cosplayers hide in the darker corners of the famous Harajuku bridge and shy away from the cameras. Okay, so they're probably in need of some downtime but jeez.. they put loads of money and time into dressing up like all manner of monsters and freaks, then go out into a crowded public place in one of the most populated cities in the world just to get all coy when a lense is pointed at them?

Still, there are enough extroverts happy enough to strike a pose to make this place easily one of the more interesting spots to visit on a quiet Sunday afternoon in Tokyo..


Neil Duckett said...

I got a photo of the hottie with the white bow in her hair last weekend. Gorgeous indeed. Her dress flew up at one stage to reveal the siexiest red knickers too ..... didn't get a photo of that though.

Anonymous said...

Ha. Ruki cosplayers! Ruki is the best so I can't blame them.