Monday, February 2, 2009

The Shirts get a drummer!

After 18 months of playing as a three piece, using sequenced tracks and/or "borrowing" drummers for live shows, The Shirts are stoked about the new guy: Rob. Rob and I played way back before squadcar in a band called Bender, had quite a large repertoire of original rock and cover songs, and did regular shows at live houses around the place. We even did a demo at M7 in Koiwa which I finally heard last week after around 6 or 7 years. Saturday saw us rehearse for the third time with Rob at Ongakukan-bis in Shibuya, and as we quietly drained the Chivas bottle supplied by the fifth shirt Andy, Kazue was kind enough to take a few pictures, of the rock!


Calan said...

Awesome that you guys have a drummer now! Hope that'll make things more interesting for you guys.

I'm wonder, though, which one of the people are you?

Mallocup said...

thanks dude, rob rocks and we're already overcome with renewed enthusiasm and inspiration. Which one is me?