Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Elvises Inc.

There was some major backjob action going down amongst the Elvises last Sunday. In Japan (China, Asia et al.), dragons are generally seen as creatures that protect Buddhism. Add equal parts of denim and leather, and a heavy dose of 50's rocknroll music, and you get the famous dancing Elvises of Yoyogi park..


Sui Generis - Me said...

that's one wicked tat!

Hachi said...

Those guys are cool lol
They were featured in a Peter & Bjorn music video for "Nothing to worry about" (

I will visit Yoyogi park for sure when i am in Tokyo, Japan, but thats probably a few years from now D: Hope the cool, the awesome, the music and the raves will still be there ^ ^.

Emily said...

I wonder how they feel being called 'dancing elvises' ;P Probably a compliment no doubt, but they're actually the active members of the TRC -- tokyo rockabilly club.

And his tattoo is probably sending the message it's intended to, which is 'don't fuck with me.' Knowing the things those guys do I find it really hilarious people pose with them like they're mickey mouse. :D

Danny said...

I remember those guys!
I was in Tokyo in September 2007 and they were already there!
I took a 45 second long video back then. :D